RIZIN Fighting World Grand Prix 2016: Round 2 Live Results


The RIZIN FIGHTING World Grand Prix 2016: 2ND ROUND kicks of at 1:00 a.m. ET. Join MMANewsline.com as we bring you Results from the card as it airs Live in Saitama, Japan.

The night’s full line-up (via CombatDocket.com) can be found at the bottom of our page, but we’ll get rolling at 1 a.m. Eastern as the show from The Saitama Super Arena begins.

Bout 1: Satoru Kitaoka  vs.  Daron Cruickshank 155 lbs

Before the bout even begins there is some controversy, as Kitaoka is taped from knee-to-toe — the announcers even mention that this could give the Asian an unfair advantage.

Satoru Kitaoka controls the two minutes as he utilizes a variety of kicks to keep Cruickshank at bay. The American then dropped Kitaoka, bloodying and potentially breaking Kitaoka’s nose after landing a strong right.

The announcers note that damage is a huge factor when the judges render their decision in RIZIN.

Both men trade vicious blows until the eight minute mark, as Kitaoka shoots for a takedown that leads both fighters to fall through the ropes. The referee resets the action inside the ring with Kitaoka on top of Cruickshank.

Kitaoka snatches up a nasty guillotine and wrenches it as Cruickshanks works to free himself — but it’s to no avail as it’s too tight and Cruickshank taps!

Winner: Sotaru Kitaoka via Guillotine Choke (Round 1)

Bout 2: Vadim Nemkov vs. Alison Vicente (Alternate Bout)

In the opening seconds of the bout Vadim Nemkov charges Vicente and drops him with a series of strikes and puts him to sleep with some nasty ground and pound. Vicente’s head bounces off the mat repeatedly as the referee calls a stop to the bout.

Alison Vicente remains motionless on the canvas as the referee pounds his rib cage to startle him awake. Scary Sight.

Winner: Vadim Nemkov via Knockout (Round 1)

Bout 3: Kanna Asakura  vs.  Alyssa Garcia 106 lbs

This fight was a fun back and forth affair that provided a unique experience, as Josh Barnett was just a few inches away from the ring as he screamed commands to Alyssa Garcia for the duration of the three round WMMA bout.

Garcia nearly finished the fight in the first as she searched for a rear-naked choke that she couldn’t lock with just :30 left in the round as Josh Barnett screamed: “Punch her face off!”

Asakura was game in round 2, as the Asian fighter landed a series of damaging hammerfists that had many, including the announcers, giving her the second frame of the fight.

The third round was a toss-up that the judges ended up awarding to Garcia — giving her the unanimous decision victory.

Winner: Alyssa Garcia via Unanimous Decision

Bout 4: Yusuke Yachi  vs.  Mario Sismundo 150 lbs

Yachi missed flying knee in the opening seconds of the first round, but ended up catching Sismundo flush with a knee to the body that resulted in a TKO victory for the 26-year-old Japanese fighter.

Sismundo may have broken a rib in the brief one-round fight.

Winner: Yusuke Yachi via TKO (Round 1)

Bout 5: Tatsumitsu Wada  vs.  K. Kara-France 125 lbs

Winner: Tatsumitsu Wada via Unanimous Decision

— Coverage from here on out will be limited to just the bout and result  (~3 a.m. Eastern) —

Bout 6: Yuki Motoya  vs.  Allan Nascimento 132 lbs

Winner: Yuki Motoya via Split Decision

Bout 7: Kazuyuki Miyata  vs.  Andy Souwer 155 lbs

Winner: Kazuyuki Miyata via Submission due to Arm-bar (Round 1)

Bout 8: Tenshin Nasukawa  vs.  Nikita Sapun 125 lbs

Winner: Tenshin Nasukawa via TKO (Round 1)

After the decision was announced, Nasukawa offered to fight upcoming New Years Eve RIZIN card, but he was told that his arm would have to be examined by a doctor for potential injuries before any decisions about his future could be made.

Bout 9: Rin Nakai  vs.  Kanako Murata 126 lbs

Winner: Rin Nakai via Submission due to Rear-Naked Choke (Round 3)

Bout 10: Szymon Bajor  vs.  Valentin Moldavsky 265 lbs (Tournament Bout)

Winner: Valentin Moldavsky via Unanimous Decision

Bout 11: Heath Herring  vs.  Amir Aliakbari 265 lbs (Tournament Bout)

Winner: Amir Aliakbari via Unanimous Decision

Bout 12: Tsuyoshi Kosaka  vs.  Baruto Kaito 265 lbs (Tournament Bout)

Winner: Baruto Kaito via Unanimous Decision

Note: Joe Warren’s commentary just shit the bed. He just continuously made fat jokes about Baruto and laughed at them by himself — he’s THAT guy.

Bout 13: Mirko ‘Cro Cop’  vs.  ‘King Mo’ 265 lbs (Tournament Bout)

King Mo dominated round one using his wrestling before Cro Cop landed a flurry of strikes in the second to advance to the semi-finals of the RIZIN 2016 openweight tournament.

Winner: Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipović via TKO

The Rizin World Grand-Prix 2016: Final Round will take place in two days, on December 31.